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All plans include our <b><a href="/support/legal-and-privacy/">Litigation Support Package</a></b> All plans include our Litigation Support Package

Become ADA & WCAG Compliant In Under 48 Hours.

The leading automated web accessibility solution for healthcare organizations.

*representing a 6 month minimum commitment

How Do We Count Pages?

Our page count is determined by using a unique URL without including any URL parameters. This means that any page that has URL parameters will be considered as a single page.

To check the page count for your website, simply enter “” into Google. The number of pages that Google has indexed for your website, displayed next to “results,” represents your page count.

How Do We Count Providers?

Our provider count is specific to practicing medical professionals and/ or those providing clinical services. For healthcare services such as billing, legal, staffing, etc. simply refer to page count.

Why Is Healthcare More Expensive?

Healthcare is one of the most impacted industries in regard to ADA compliance, demand, and litigation. Due to a complex compliance framework, healthcare organizations require advanced litigation support from our experts.

Learn more here.

All plans include our <b><a href="/support/legal-and-privacy/">Litigation Support Package</a></b> All plans include our Litigation Support Package
For websites up to 1,000 pages.
  • For small healthcare organizations, products, or services.

    (under 3 providers and/ or under 1,000 website pages)
$189 / mo
For websites up to 10,000 pages.
  • For medium healthcare organizations, products, or services.

    (under 10 providers and/ or under 10,000 website pages)
$389 / mo
For websites up to 10,000 pages.
  • For large healthcare organizations, products, or services.

    (under 25 providers and/ or under 100,000 website pages)
$689 / mo
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For healthcare organizations, products, or services with over 25 providers and/ or 100,000 website pages.


All Paid Healthcare Plans Include:

A HIPAA compliant solution
Advanced healthcare litigation support
Compliance with ADA, AODA, EAA, WCAG & more
Accessibility statement & certification of performance
AI-Powered screen reader & keyboard navigation
Accessibility widget for UI and design remediation
AI-Powered daily compliance monitoring and scans
Monthly AI-Powered accessibility compliance audits

Receive up to $5,000 in Tax Credit with Jib

Businesses that are making efforts to increase accessibility for people with disabilities can receive up to $5,000 in tax credits!!!

AI-Powered Web Accessibility

A Seamless
Accessibility Process.


Paste a single line of Javascript code (no prior technical knowledge required).

The accessibility interface instantly appears on your website.

Artificial intelligence starts scanning and analyzing your website.

After up to 48 hours your website is compliant and certified.

Every 24 Hours, the artificial intelligence scans for new and revised content to fix.

No Strings Attached

Find Out Now If Your Website Is WCAG & ADA Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Jib widgets AI Processes?

Jib widget relies on two artificial intelligence engines. Computer vision is used to scan the site for image description. The second engine uses contextual understanding to learn the purpose and functionality of each web element.

How long does the process take?

The widget can be installed in as little as five minutes with no prior technical knowledge. Once installed, it takes our AI up to 48 hours to scan the site. The longer the widget is installed, the faster new content is brought into compliance.

Will this mitigate my legal risk?

Yes! Not only are we trusted by some of the leading organizations in the world, we are recognized as compliant on over 5 continents.

Will this help with my lawsuit?

Absolutely! Jib provides each user with a dedicated support guidance in the event of legal actions.

Can Jib Widget enable users with disabilities to use my website?

Absolutely! Jib Widget is being used by over a million users with disabilities on hundreds of thousands of websites every month!

How does Jib Widget differ from web accessibility plugins?

There are dozens of web accessibility tools for free that cover about 20% of the requirements. Jib Widget is the leading accessibility solution powered by AI and backed by a team of hundreds of people and leading venture firms.

Find Out Now If Your Website Is WCAG & ADA Compliant