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The Leading Automated Web Accessibility Solution Powered By AI.

Cost-Effective and reliable accessibility for your website.

Jib Vs Competitors

Jib Widget VS the Competitors

Jib Widget stands out by utilizing innovative technology to reduce business costs and time significantly and is a reliable source for your web accessibility needs.

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Your Website Should Be Easily Accessible And Enjoyed By Every User.

At Jib, we leverage artificial intelligence to empower businesses of all sizes to take an inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG legislation.

Jib Vs Competitors

Inclusivity For Everyone

Jib Vs Competitors

Attract New Customers

Jib Vs Competitors

Comply With Legislation.

Jib Vs Competitors

A Real-Time Solution

Them: You can spend thousands of dollars with developers working round the clock to ensure compliance for every piece of new content.

Us: You can install a one-size-fits-all icon and have full compliance within 48 hours.

Find Out Now If Your Website Is WCAG & ADA Compliant

Jib Vs Competitors